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Self-Employment: Program description

Program Objectives

  • To provide unemployed Employment Insurance eligible individuals with income and entrepreneurial support while they develop and implement their business plan.
  • To assist unemployed Employment Insurance eligible individuals to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment resulting in savings to the Employment Insurance Account.
How does it work?Duration
  • The unemployed Employment Insurance eligible individual is provided with financial and entrepreneurial support for a maximum of 52 weeks (up to 78 weeks for an individual with a disability) to help them start their own business and become self-employed. This is done with the assistance of eligible coordinators (sponsors) who provide business support.
Who can apply?Eligible Participants
  • Eligible participants are those who, pursuant to the Employment Insurance Act, are unemployed individuals who at the time of applying for the Self-Employment Program:
    1. for whom an unemployment benefit period has been established or has ended within the 36 months prior to the date of requesting assistance; or
    2. for whom a benefit period that included a maternity or parental claim has been established within the 60 months prior to the date of requesting assistance, after which the individual remained out of the labour market in order to care for a newborn or newly adopted child and is now seeking to re-enter the labour force.
  • Other criteria may apply.
How do I apply?/How do I become a sponsor? For More information About Self-Employment Benefits Click Here

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