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Super Job Search Tips

Tips to Get You Started with Your Job Search Campaign

  1. Put together a job search Folder and get a Diary/ or a Calendar to get organized. Get a resume and cover letter done professionally

  2. Remember that looking for work in Canada as Foreign Worker is hard you should consider doing this in partnership with a employment Counsellor and it can take time to land a job! You need to view it as an adventure and as an opportunity to explore your field in your chosen Province. A positive attitude throughout the job search campaign is absolutely required.

  3. Read online Canadian newspapers and look at the geographical area you are interested in daily for ideas on what the key issues are and which companies and industries are growing in your areas of interest. File clipped articles. Note names of individuals and companies mentioned in the articles.

  4. Find 10 potential contacts each week and make 10 cold calls. Get referrals to individuals in your field from each one.

  5. Develop a list of possible companies from the web and from directories of companies that are geographical based like the phone book or contact me for some advise on how to get started

  6. Arrange and conduct 2 to 4 informational interviews for your fact finding trip; get referrals from each. Follow up with thank-you notes.

  7. Spend 4 to 5 hours on the web to do some research. Do research on 10 companies on your target list and send 10 letters expressing interest in the organization and describing your qualifications each week. Follow up with telephone calls. Schedule appointments. Continue your research.

  8. Answer all employment ads from the web and other sources related to your career objective even if you are "under" or "over" qualified. Contact anyone you know who might know someone in the company for referrals. Follow up on applications with telephone calls after 3 days. Paste the job details and make notations for each.

  9. Read 2 professional/ trade journals related to jobs/fields of interest. Respond to ads in classified employment section.

  10. Visit on line job fairs

  11. Check on any meetings/social functions being sponsored by professional associations related to your job objective(s). Make new contacts and if possible try and attend these functions and consider getting their memberships, follow up with phone calls or letters.

  12. Write thank-you notes immediately following each appointment. Re-emphasize your interest and qualifications. State what your next step will be.

  13. Schedule leisure time to check out other websites such as:



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