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Unemployment carries a lot of emotional baggage for most of us and fear is a major component. We fear the financial fallout of no longer receiving regular wages. We fear the impact of our lack of productivity on relationships: our marriage, our...

Interview Tips

Are you looking for some interview tips so that you can ace that upcoming interview you have? An interview can be a nerve racking experience if you don't know how to successfully pull off an interview. Nevertheless, with a few interview tips, you will be on your way to getting that job you need so desperately!

Among the many interview tips that you will come across, the very best interview tip you will ever get is to be yourself. Don't be afraid to smile and be proud of who you are and what it is that you represent. You are a unique individual and must bear in mind that there is no one else like you on this earth. In believing in yourself, you can successfully prepare yourself psychologically for that nerve racking interview!

Second in line for great interview tips is that you should be on time. You should not ever show up for an interview late, not ever! If you think that you may run into a problem getting to a interview on time, leave your residence extra early to ensure that you will get there on time. Showing up for an interview on time shows that you are a responsible person; a sure indication of a professional individual.

A great tip to remember while on an interview is to turn off your cell phone or pager. There is nothing more annoying to an employer than a potential employee that has a cell phone ringing every five minutes during an interview. Plus, continuous interruptions may be a sign of unprofessional behavior so it is best to either turn off your cell phone or leave it at home.

Pay attention to the interviewer while you are being interviewed; this tip is essential and cannot be overrated. An interviewer's tone of voice, their demeanor, their style of speech and their body motions can indicate to you how you should respond to the questions they pose. For instance, if an interviewer

is stern with direct, to the point questions, you should respond with to the point answers. Conversely, if an interviewer prompts you to tell them about yourself, your hobbies or your likes and dislikes, feel free to elaborate--just don't go overboard and begin rambling about your favorite pastimes!

Don't be afraid to ask questions during the interview process. In fact, make sure that you do. If you don't ask questions, you will not get all of the information you require and you may even come across as overly confident. Even worse, you may come across as apathetic. Therefore, show your interest in the job and ask questions at every opportunity.

Don't be too eager to answer questions while on an interview. Overly eager individuals tend to cut off the employer while they are speaking and interrupt the employer during their questions. Wait until you are sure the employer is done asking the question before you provide your answer. If you wait until the employer is finished speaking, you will also give yourself time to reflect on the question being asked and an insightful employer will see that you have seriously considered your responses.

There are literally hundreds of Interview tips on the Internet. Nevertheless, not all interview tips are excellent tips and it is important that you logically weed out the good tips from the bad ones. Therefore, if something doesn't sound like a good idea to you, then simply refrain from taking the advice. Finally, the best advice you can get is to remain true to yourself, relax and be calm throughout the entire interviewing process.

About the author:

Kirsten Hawkins is a employment and job resource expert specializing in employment opportunities in small business. Visit for more information on how to get the job you love.