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Beware Of Job Fraud Scams!
Searching for a job can be difficult enough, but when you finally spot the 'job of a lifetime' - just consider that if the job sounds too good to be true - quite likely, it is! Imagine the job of "Designer - Developer/Applications/IT" with...

Careers Online - Starting a Small Business
This article pertains to those wishing to start a small business online with the number of employees starting at one. It is assumed that you intent on building your own web site and will be the administrator of all aspects of your new business until...

Employment Opportunity: "Job Mercenary" Without Knowing It?
Your employment opportunity and your job candidacy will fail if you're perceived as a "job mercenary." Often the "mercenary" attitude is so subtle that we're not even aware we're giving off bad vibes. So, what exactly is a "job mercenary?'...

Job Search Websites: A User's Guide
Summary: Learn these three steps to an easier online job search, plus discover four kinds of websites that show you the hidden job market. You spend all day in front of the computer looking at job listings and fine-tuning your resume. But all you...

Maximizing the Impact of Your Resume
Job-hunting can be a daunting experience. You might find it difficult to know where to begin to find the job that is most appropriate for you. Searching for employment can also be a full-time job in itself, requiring you to spend countless...

How To Find Writing Work

Are you looking for new writing work? It can be a challenge to build a career in any area, but it is often even harder to do so when you are in a smaller town. Sure, there may be a huge market for talented freelancers in your area, but letís face it, it is not New York where you can find countless job vacancies in your field of freelance writing. When you are looking for freelance writing work, it is important to look outside the box as well as trying the tried and true employment options.

As writers work to build their career, it can be challenging to do so if they do not live in an area that is known for having publishers. So, when you get an assignment, you need to ensure that you do it thoroughly and right on task for what the client is looking for. Do not present a piece of work without making sure that it is the best you can give.

Job vacancies for freelance writing are rarely found in newspaper ads and help wanted ads. Instead, they are filled by people who have a proven talent. It is important that you maintain a strong portfolio to do

this. If you have not had any freelance writing experience for a long time, it may be beneficial to write a few pieces on your own, to display your qualifications. You can present them as a sample of your work.

The most important feature to remember when looking for jobs like freelance writing is that you can find them when you look online. Yes, take your search online because that is where people go to look for freelancers of all types. If you do not have experience, get some free projects out there and present your work in the best format every time.

Build your freelance business from start to finish on the quality on-task assignments that you present as finished work.

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