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Career Track: Computer Programmer
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Job Tips For The Frustrated Job Seeker
There is nothing more frustrating and depressing when you are out of work and trying to find a job and your job search is going no where. Don't feel bad, you are not alone and there is a good reason why searching for a new job can be so difficult....

How To Create An Online Resume

This is the age of the Internet. No matter what type of job you are looking for, it is necessary that you have a copy of your resume online. An online resume or digital resume saves time and energy. Your resume website link can be easily emailed to anyone that requests it. Having an online presence in most instances will make it easier for you to secure a job in a much shorter time.

In order to display your online resume, it will be necessary to create and design a very basic website. There are many places online that offer web hosting, and you might choose one of these places to create a website address to host your resume, but there are several other options to consider.

If you are not able to create and design a website for yourself, it is necessary to hire someone to do this for you. However, if you are not able to create either a resume or a website by yourself, hiring someone is definitely recommended. A website that looks professional will help your chances to secure a better job with a higher pay.

The least expensive option for creating an online resume may not cost you any additional money at all. Most online providers now include one or more personal websites in the subscription cost. Many of them allow as many as five personal sites per account with easy to use software. In fact, you may be able to simply upload the text version of your resume directly from your computer.


creating an online resume it is recommended that you include all of the necessary parts of the paper version of your resume. This would mean including your education written in chronological order, your previous employment history, and any awards that you have received. Just because your resume is online, does not mean that it should not be formatted correctly.

After you have created a website with your online resume, the next important step is to direct potential employers to your website. This would include emailing your website address to employers when doing a job search, as well as including the address when writing to enquire if a company is hiring.

There are numerous career and job posting websites on the Internet. Search under the terms "job seeker" or "career seeker" and you will receive links to thousands of websites. I suggest you begin with those in your home city by narrowing your search by adding the name of your city to the search term, for example, "job seeker Philadelphia" or whatever job location you desire.

Get started today and you may have some solid leads in just a few days. It's easier than you think.

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