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Employment Opportunity: "Job Mercenary" Without Knowing It?
Your employment opportunity and your job candidacy will fail if you're perceived as a "job mercenary." Often the "mercenary" attitude is so subtle that we're not even aware we're giving off bad vibes. So, what exactly is a "job mercenary?'...

Hunting the Executive Head Hunter
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Landing Your Dream Job
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Teaching Jobs
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Turning Their Loss Into Your Job Gain
Turning Their Loss Into Your Job Gain Copyright 2004 It isnít the end of the world, even if it seems like it. Losing your job can be a heart-breaking experience. After all, your security in life and your abilities is now in question. You can feel...

How Important is Your Resume?

How Important is Your Resume?

Getting hired is tough in today's world of job layoffs, downsizing, outsourcing and cost crunching. Businesses no longer have the money to view people as simply bodies to fill a position. Instead they look for the most qualified candidates and screen their employees well. So much so that drug screens, criminal checks and employment history help companies avoid poor workers.

Resumes are another source of important information about candidates. If a resume is written with obvious spelling and grammar mistakes employers will usually discard it for reasons of basic knowledge and education. Getting the most qualified and progressive employees are an important part of business for many companies. They view good employees as productive who make few mistakes and poor employees as a liability to be replaced. A resume could show them what type of employee you really are and the reasons why they should hire you.

There are a number of things people need to keep in mind when writing their resume. Use the following list to increase your chances of employment success:

1.) Must highlight the skills and abilities of the


2.) Should use a format that is normally used in the field in which the person is applying.

3.) It should be clean and not more than 2 pages (variable depending on field).

4.) Your resume should have a hint of color to highlight it from other resumes.

5.) Should use parchment quality paper and an executive packet.

6.) Must have no spelling errors and use correct grammar.

Another alternative to writing your own resume is to have a professional write one for you. In this way you are sure to have one of the most ascetically pleasing and professionally written resumes in the bunch. There are many different types of resume businesses for people to turn to. Make sure the person you are working with has years of experience in the human resource field and professional writing skills
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